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Bad weather covers new territories. On May 22, storms move south-east from the southern plains. In Carolina, the deaths of two people have already been confirmed, caused by fallen trees and power poles. The reason was the strong wind. Four large tornadoes were also seen associated with this cyclone.

ANC News notes that the risk of extreme bad weather in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas remains at the morning of May 23.

The first wave will pass in the morning and end by 12 noon. Further, the cyclone will move to the east. The storm is expected by the evening of the same day in Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Dakota. Forecasters warn that very strong gusts of wind and rain are possible in some places.

In some places, hail with strong winds is possible. By the late evening of the day, you should expect a tornado in the region.

In the northeast of the country, stormier weather is also expected, but threats will gradually subside by 25 May.

The mid-Atlantic states will get rid of rain in the afternoon on May 23, as the cyclone moves to the northeast with moderately strong winds.

Strong winds of up to 35 miles per hour are expected in Florida on 23 May from noon until the next day. There is a high risk of fires.

Central and northern California will experience intense heat on the same day. Temperatures may rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. There are risks of sunstroke and similar outdoor problems. This is especially important to take into account the current quarantine recommendations.


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