Photo via Australian Federal Police on Twitter.

The problem of child porn is like a hydra’s head. But the world continues activities to stop the problem, and today we can be proud of new achievements. The US Homeland Security, Interpol, Europol and the Australian Federal Police have joined forces to uncover a gang of pedophiles who were selling illegal video content online.

Operation Walwa was launched two years ago, but it became known to a wide range of people only today. It all started with a message from US investigators to their Australian counterparts that a child exploitation market had been confirmed in their country. Many of the children are exported from Australia at the same time.

The ensuing joint investigation helped rescue four Australian children aged 2 months to 8 years. Three of them became involved in a maelstrom of violence through the fault of their relatives.

To date, 16 adults involved in case were arrested. In total, there were almost 750 crimes related to the exploitation of children. About 20 house searches were confirmed. Australian Homeland Security spokesman Adam Parkes said that the success of the operation should be a warning to pedophiles. He mentioned that the police of the whole planet Earth will find all of them, even the world quarantine regime will not stop law enforcement agencies from reaching the truth.


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