Photo via Australian Federal Police on Twitter.

The US Homeland Security, Interpol, and Europol, have joined forces with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in taking down a stomach-turning global gang of pedophiles who traded encrypted child porn online.

Operation Walwa was issued two years ago after the U.S. cybercrimes investigators alerted the Australian authorities about the child exploitation marketplace that was allegedly supplied from their country.

The investigation finally resulted in rescuing four Australian children, three in New South Wales and one in Victoria, from a sexual exploitation ring. The victims are aged between 2 months and 8 years, and at least three of them are related to the adults who were actively involved in the abuse, the ABC reported on April 20th.

So far, AFP officially arrested 16 people who are now being charged with as many as 738 child exploitation offenses. 18 search warrants were executed.

The ABC quotes Homeland Security Australian attache Adam Parks: “Let this be a warning that law enforcement is undeterred by COVID-19 and remains on-duty to keep our children safe in Australia, the US, and online.”


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