Mike J. Isaacson

Mike is a seasoned journalist. He mostly covers state and national developments.
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Herbert B. Allen

Herbert covers economy and community events for America Tonight.
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Theresa K. Bland

Theresa runs a growing team of reporters and reviewers
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Mary R. Wilson

Mary covering drones, fitness tech and culture news for years
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Timothy T. Jeffers
Senior Editor

Jeffers is based in Nashville and covers issues affecting his city and state
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Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean’s Body Recovered, Her Son Still Missing

Devastating news arrived from the state of Maryland, where remains of Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean’s has been retrieved after a 5-days search...

Stolen Zoom Accounts are Now Available on Dark Web

It looks like Zoom, the extremely popular video conference app, can not catch a break. Two weeks ago Zoom’s hidden algorithm that...

Two Girls Hospitalized After Eating THC-Candy From The Utah Food Bank

The Utah Food Bank (UFB) and the Roy Baptist Church charity event ended up in the hospitalization of two young girls aged...

Paranoid Man Derails a Full-Speed Train in Los Angeles (VIDEO)

A 44-year-old locomotive engineer Eduardo Moreno has used his professional skill to derail a moving train to “wake people up”. According to...

Dean & Deluca to Go Bankrupt and Back

Struggling companies often use bankruptcy to jump-start a fresh chapter. It seems like a once-powerful gourmet giant Dean & Deluca is planning...

2,000 Pounds of Drugs From Mexico Found Underground

Authorities have publicized information about a colossal drug trafficking operation held underground — literally. The operation took place back on March 19th,...

Bad Wig Bandit is Finally in Custody

Bank tellers of North Carolina can sleep peacefully now. The FBI has finally found the “Bad Wig Bandit". 30-year-old...

“Immoral” Amazon Will Face Legal Consequences

It looks like Amazon is once again under fire for getting carried away with putting customers first. The company is currently dealing...

Powerful Tornadoes Wreck Arkansas (VIDEO)

No known casualties were detected after a powerful tornado wreaked havoc on the Midwest on March 28, officials announced. The ongoing quarantine was a...