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When the day’s news is told there always seems to be so many others unfolding, resulting in the need for a news site like America Tonight. Catching news later in the evening is a must for many Americans as they wind down their day.

The idea for an evening news roundup of the main stories as well as those still coming in was developed in a news room already busy with compiling so many articles, that a step back was required to have a balanced review of the events that had & were occurring in real time. Our senior editor Timothy Jefferies and a small group of professional journalists stayed behind & developed America Tonight. It was formed organically and seemed a perfect fit for sharing the day’s news and all the latest stories that were unfolding during the day.

Reformed in 2020 and based in Chicago, America Tonight’s team set to work daily in their state of the art newsroom, where their goal is to ensure they tell America’s stories in their true colours. The team is made up of highly professional individuals dedicated to their craft. The result is a honest, well balanced perspective of daily life in the USA.

The headlines may be digital but the human vision of the professionals is very much that of a close group of seasoned journalists blending their experiences to produce great quality content whilst simultaneously creating a close knit family atmosphere, that makes all the members of the team relish coming in to work and contributing daily to the success of the site.

So stay in touch whilst we pluck and serve the most thrilling news of the day revolving around; society, crime, politics, celebrities, Hollywood business industries, accidents and much more.

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