As retailers face up to each other for the holiday season shopping the strategies used are also being paraded. Analysts are abuzz with the activities. When it comes to retailers one these days can not but mention Amazon. Normally their ‘Prime Day’ is not only now a major event but a major revenue earner for them. They use it to bring aboard new prime shoppers that build on already vast members. Although normally a summer even this has been postponed to start tomorrow. Some think that because of job losses and with the stimulus money not coming when it was expected to that sales will be affected.

The other factor is the increased transportation costs. Both have been addressed by strategies deployed by the giant retailer. On the transportation costs, they have been building all year to beef up their own transport. Their prime membership is also more likely to attract people with jobs who have not been on holiday and also not doing their normal activities so have extra cash for the goods that normally the retailer holds.


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