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The Las Vegas student was so eager to become an aircraft mechanic that he decided to pay a bribe for his degree. However, the 21-year-old fell head over heels.

The incident happened in November 2019. Frank A. Jalion Amaro made contact with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) examiner. He used a fake name and contacts to do so. The guy asked for help in passing a test for admission to servicing commercial aircraft.

The examiner was incorruptible and reported the incident to the management. They decided to play a show and catch Amaro. The mechanic contacted the student again and said he agreed. Amaro gave him $ 500 in advance and then gave him another $ 2,000 on the day of the exam. The information was confirmed by the local prosecutor’s office.

That was enough to push the ad for bribery. The student pleaded guilty. The Verdict on his case is currently unknown.

Let’s make comments on the situation. The course of study for this specialty includes almost 2000 hours of study and more than 40 tests in various subjects. Only at the end of the course will the student receive an admission license.

The management praised the examiner and noted how important it is to thwart such an attempt for irrelevant people who want to work in this area.


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