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A 21-year-old Las Vegas aviation student wished to become an airline mechanic so much that he decided to buy himself a passing grade. But it landed him in hot water.

Back in November, Frank A. Jalion Amaro contacted a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) examiner using a fake name and phone number. Amaro wanted to secure a passing grade to an FAA test for those who want to perform maintenance on commercial aircraft. 

The Designated Mechanic examiner immediately reported the incident to the authorities but told Amaro that he accepted the offer. The student wired him $500 and then another $2,000 on the day of the test in Duluth, says the statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia on May 12th.

Amaro was charged with bribery in March and pled guilty in May. His potential sentence is currently unknown, reports the Associated Press.

Would-be commercial airline mechanics must complete 1,900 hours of training and pass tests based on 43 technical subjects, as the FAA requires. Only then can they receive a certificate that allows them to perform maintenance on aircraft. 

Todd Damiani, a special agent with the Department of Transportation’s inspector general’s office, is quoted by the Associated Press praising those who helped to prevent “aircraft maintenance certification of an unethical and ill-qualified individual.”


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