Photo via 11alive.

Atlanta resident Aisha Jefferson seeks justice. Her sisters have recently suffered as a result of the crime.

Shadia and Fatima were injured during an altercation. It happened in the southwestern part of Atlanta on May 22, along Fairbairn Road. The information was provided by the Atlanta police.

Shadi Melton is dead. She was 35 years old. Fatima Jefferson was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Nothing threatens her life now, but it is a long way to recovery and normalcy.

“Life is just so fragile. You don’t realize it until something is taken away from you, so close to you,” Aisha told during the interview with 11Alive.

Shadi and Aisha are sisters. Shadi is 1.5 years older. Aisha loved her very much.

“She was so intelligent and bright and giving, and just gifted,” she said. “I can’t be at peace until [the authorities] help me, until somebody finds them, and just makes this right.” Atlanta Police say there is a suspect but, as of May 25th, no arrests had been made in connection to the shooting.


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