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A group of attorneys general from 13 states, led by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, has sent a letter to Amazon and Whole Foods CEOs, demanding them to come clean about the real number of employees infected with the coronavirus. 

The letter, which was published on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ site on May 12th, requests a written response from Jeff Bezos and John Mackey. The categories in question are: health and safety measures, compliance with sick leave laws, data on employee COVID-19 infections and deaths, consumer-facing disclosure from Whole Foods, allegations of retaliation against employees, paid leave, and unlimited unpaid leave.

“We have learned through media reports that multiple Whole Foods employees at a store in Washington, DC have tested positive for COVID-19,” the letter reads. “One report from WUSA9 independently confirmed 6 positive cases and the other from the New York Times reported a possible 16 positive cases, based on a note passed by an employee to a New York Times photographer. In Oregon, we likewise learned through local reporting that a Whole Foods employee in Portland, OR had died from COVID-19. In Massachusetts, we learned through local reporting that a Whole Foods employee in Swampscott, MA had died from COVID-19.”

“We have requested but not received information on how many of the Companies’ workers have been infected with COVID-19, and how many have died from it. Please provide a state-by-state breakdown for each Company with this information.”

The attorneys also ask both companies to extend their April unlimited unpaid leave “for as long as a state or federal state of emergency exists in each of our states.” A copy of any written paid sick leave policy is also requested — for the facilities in Massachusetts, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Washington. 

Neither Bezos nor Mackey have commented yet. 


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