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The US Attorney’s Office believes that Amazon and Whole Foods are hiding the number of workers who have contracted the coronavirus. A group of attorneys general from 13 states sent an official letter demanding disclosure of the real morbidity figures.

The letter, which was published on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ site, requests a written response from companies’ SEOs. The request contains interest in health and safety measures for all departments, observance of the rights of employees to go on vacation due to illness, and the real numbers of cases and deaths from coronavirus.

Prosecutors noted that information about the sick in Whole Foods came from the media. The information differs depending on the sources. There was also reports about the deceased employees of the company, and these facts need to be urgently confirmed or refuted.

It is also said that there was no clear answer from companies on illness and death statistics, so the SEOs should take the matter under their personal control.

The attorneys also ask both companies to extend their April unlimited unpaid leave “for as long as a state or federal state of emergency exists in each of our states.” A copy of any written paid sick leave policy is also requested — for the facilities in 8 states

Neither Bezos nor Mackey have commented yet.


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