Photo via FBI.

Bank tellers of North Carolina can sleep peacefully now. The FBI has finally found the “Bad Wig Bandit”.

30-year-old Patrick Alexander was captured on March 31th in Georgia. His alleged carrier as a bank robber was short-lived yet impressive. In just three weeks, starting in December 2019, he committed five bank and store robberies — and he was sporting a different feminine wig every time.

Those wigs, as different CCTV recordings can prove, were synthetic and of dubious quality, which inspired the authorities to christen the robber “Bad Wig Bandit”. His modus operandi was always the same: he would enter a bank in Charlotte-Metro, pretending to be a customer, then hand a note to a clerk. It informed the employee that the robber was armed and wanted money.

The sum of money stolen by Bad Wig Bandit is currently unknown.


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