A suspect who allegedly attacked Samantha Clark. Photo via Modesto Police Department on Facebook.

As tensions caused by the lockdown fatigue continue to rise, more and more people unleash their frustration on service workers. One of the victims does not wish to stay silent anymore. 

Samantha Clark, a retail worker from Modesto, California, has launched a support group on Facebook after being physically abused by a female customer. The woman went to the store during Clark’s shift, looking to buy a specific product that was not in stock. When Clark tried to explain that to the customer, she hit her in the face and stormed off. 

“I was shook. I was definitely in shock. I still can’t wrap my mind around that somebody would actually hit me over something like this. It escalated so quickly. It was so fast,” Clark said to Fox Baltimore. 

She posted a selfie of her wounds, with blood streaming down her face, and later with stitches on her eyebrow, dangerously close to the eye. Retail workers from all over the country responded with words of sympathy, sharing their own horror stories about being abused by customers. This is when Clark decided to create “Retail Life During Covid-19 Group,” a Facebook page to unite her colleagues across the states and provide them with psychological comfort. So far, the idea has been working perfectly. 

“It’s amazing actually,” said Clark in her Fox interview “I can’t even believe how well we’re all coming together. How understanding [the group members] are. The stories they’re sharing as well. It really makes us feel like we’re part of something here.”

Meanwhile, the Modesto Police Department is looking for the woman who attacked Clark on May 20th. 

“MPD needs your help in identifying this female subject,” reads the official Facebook page post. “She assaulted a clerk at Big 5 in Modesto after being upset about a merchandise pick up. If you have any information about her identity, please contact Crime Stoppers at 209-521-4636. You can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward”.


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