The À la Mode beauty parlor in Dallas was on hold but should be closed. Its owner, Shelley Luther, will soon begin serving a prison sentence for refusing to close the establishment due to COVID-19 quarantine.

The story began in April. The reason for the conflict with the authorities was her refusal to close the public place in accordance with a nationwide quarantine. She destroyed the official order when saw it. Now she will still be punished.

Mrs. Luther will have to spend a week in jail with a $ 500 fine for each day the institution was opened during the quarantine. But, the worst thing for her, the beauty salon will be closed until the governor’s order to end the quarantine.

The verdict could have been less severe, but Shelly Luther refused to admit her guilt.

At the same time, she expressed her respect for the work of the country’s judicial system and tried to stand up for her opinion. Her arguments were that she and her subordinate hairdressers should have a job and feed the family. The woman promised to ignore the ban further.


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