Wednesday, December 30, 2020
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Germany To Go Into Hard Lockdown Tomorrow

The fourth-largest economy on the planet has been forced into a broad lockdown. The chances of falling back into another recession are...

China Blocks Tripadvisor’s And 100 Others Caught Up

Apps are being knocked out in one of the worlds biggest markets. Although those who have been following the news and events...

FED Chair Reiterates Economy ‘Extraordinarily Uncertain’

The FED chair has reiterated his stance on how he views the economy moving forward. He states that the situation still looks...

Disney Announces Massive Layoffs Even Bigger Than Previously Stated

A giant in the business world for generations it is now case of how hard have the mighty fallen. The pandemic has played...

Pfizer Applies For Emergency License From US Food & Drugs Agency

It is finally here a large company has applied to US authorities. For the emergency approval of their COVID 19 vaccine. This...

Treasury Secretary Demands Remaining Funds From Cares Act Be Returned

The US Treasury has decided to stop all funding programmes currently in force from the early parts of the year. Funds leftover...

FED Chairman Says Near Term Future Challenging

There is a saying that goes ‘straight from the horse's mouth’. The FED chair spoke about the economy and shared his views....

Tik Tok Has Days To Comply With Divestment Executive Order

As social media platforms go it seemingly came out of nowhere and took the world by storm. It is highly popular with...

Tesla Rolls Out Its Own Tequila

Not unknown for controversy this brand just rolled out its own alcoholic drink and not at a cheap price. However, that did...

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