Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Warren Buffet

Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiary Caught Breaking Sanctions

There are many things that go on in this complex world. Not seen and not sanctioned as happened in this case. Involving...

Nio Stock Up 85% on Wednesday From Where It Was On Tuesday

How to market a company without producing a single product. A shanghai based electric car brand made its debut on the stock...

AMAZON Prime Day Said To Be Setting Up To Be Bigger Than Last Year

As retailers face up to each other for the holiday season shopping the strategies used are also being paraded. Analysts are abuzz...

Regeneron & Eli Lilly Share Prices Get A Lift From US President’sEndorsement

It is absolutely amazing in the world of business what an endorsement can do. It is especially so when that endorsement is...

Permanent Job Losses Are An Economic Problem

The pandemic is causing a permanent blow to the US economy. Unemployed numbers have doubled in percentage since April. There is an...
Goldman Sachs

Banks Based In London Inform Some Staff To Locate To Europe

Banks in London are informing members of their staff complement in certain departments to locate to Europe. These include Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan who...

Elon Musk Will Never Take Vaccine

The controversy regarding the 3rd richest man in the world Elon Musk continues. He has previously stated he would not take any...

Ford Shuts Down Production In Chicago Stamping, Its Fourth Factory So Far

Sad news from Ford Motor Co. The company will temporarily close its fourth plant from May 27. This time was closed Chicago...

15 U.S. Air Carriers WIll Suspend Service to 75 Airports

Quarantine is causing irreparable damage to the airline industry. Today, 15 US airlines are officially canceling flights to more than 70 cities in the...

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