Monday, November 23, 2020
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Bobbi Brown Loses Another This Time His Son

Drugs and their use it is said destroys a family. This is certainly the case with this celebrity family. The mother was...

The Popa Langur Nearly Extinct As It Is Found

A new species of monkey has been found. It is a bittersweet find as there are only a couple of hundred of...

Tesla Rolls Out Its Own Tequila

Not unknown for controversy this brand just rolled out its own alcoholic drink and not at a cheap price. However, that did...

Depp Loses Case Against The Sun Newspaper

My excitement at covering this story was so full I could burst. It had everything in it an abusive famous celebrity husband...

Cult Community Leader Sentenced For 120 Years

In a bewildering tale of intrigue, sex and power a cult community leader was sentenced for a very long period indeed. It...

Jack White Buys A Busker A New Guitar After His Got Smashed Up

So many good things happen in this world which are not covered.  Bad news sells they say and that is a great...

Ariana Grande Teases Instagram On Release Of New Album

When an artist can command 200 million followers on one media platform alone she literally has the whole world in her hands....

Christopher Cross Tells Story Of How Virus Paralyzed Him

In his view he is not a big celebrity only millions of his fan base all over the world will disagree with...

Demi Lovato Message To President ‘Commander In Chief’

One celebrity feels very strongly about social injustice issues. Her wish is that she could have an audience with the president to...

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