Wednesday, December 30, 2020
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EUA For Vaccine Given Approval

It is ironic that an EUA for the vaccine was approved by the relevant US authorities. On the day the death toll...

Concern Mounts on Vaccine Approval And Policy Unison

As Christmas approaches, we are no further down the deadlock. Then we were just after the elections. This situation is unsatisfactory, to...

WHO Offers Two New Reports Stating What We Are Doing Is Suicidal

There is a clarion call from the UN on the challenges of our time. They have likened human action as a war...

FED Chair Reiterates Economy ‘Extraordinarily Uncertain’

The FED chair has reiterated his stance on how he views the economy moving forward. He states that the situation still looks...

Thanksgiving Surge White House Offers Advice

With Thanksgiving over more people than ever have travelled through US airports. Than seen since the pandemic started. With hospitalisations occurring in...

Your Phone Can Send You An Alert When In Close Contact.

Not available in all states yet. You can get an alert on your phone to say you have been close to a...

Bobbi Brown Loses Another This Time His Son

Drugs and their use it is said destroys a family. This is certainly the case with this celebrity family. The mother was...

Governors Who Did Not Enact Strict Guidelines Now Paying The Price

Governors and state officials have been allowed to follow their own paths. To do what they think is right to deal with...

The Pandemic Affects Ethnic Minorities Disproportionately

As we deal with the effects of this pandemic we are finding out more about it. These show how the wearing of...

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