Sunday, October 25, 2020
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The Politics And The Pandemic

The numbers now are expected to exceed by far the numbers obtained in the early parts of the year. We all must...

Christopher Cross Tells Story Of How Virus Paralyzed Him

In his view he is not a big celebrity only millions of his fan base all over the world will disagree with...

UN Warns That We are Not Meeting Targets On Climate Change

It is pertinent to note a recent UN warning on greenhouse emissions. They are advising that the last 10 years have been...

Permanent Job Losses Are An Economic Problem

The pandemic is causing a permanent blow to the US economy. Unemployed numbers have doubled in percentage since April. There is an...

Landfall in Louisana: Tropical Storm Cristobal Hits New Orleans

The National Hurricane Center reports that Cristobal, a current tropical storm, caused landfall today, as reported from the southeast coast in Louisiana,...

2 Dead In Severe Carolinas Storms, Tornado And Heatwave Expected In Midwest And Southwest

Bad weather covers new territories. On May 22, storms move south-east from the southern plains. In Carolina, the deaths of two people have already...

Michigan Dam Breach: Several Violations Detected In The Past (VIDEO)

The Edenville Dam is in danger of being destroyed. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission came to such a disappointing conclusion. Recall that the license...

Earthquake Strikes Los Angeles

A small earthquake could have been noticed by people in Los Angeles late in the evening on April 22. The tremors were most pronounced...

Woman Gives Birth in a Car Crash in Georgia

Georgia police shared one of the most mind-blowing stories of the passing week on April 17th. Crystan Graham, a pregnant Lilburn woman...

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