Wednesday, December 30, 2020
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No Act Of Kindness Is Wasted

Incredibly kind things do happen and remain to happen. Even if we feel we are in a world where kindness has become...

Pence Taking Vaccine On Live Public Event

The incumbent of the second-highest office in the land is to be vaccinated through a televised live event this morning. This is...

Mr & Mrs Santa Test Positive After Event Hosting 50+ Kids

After an event of long-standing set up by business es for children. Mr Santa and Mrs Santa tested positive. A spokesman for...

Germany To Go Into Hard Lockdown Tomorrow

The fourth-largest economy on the planet has been forced into a broad lockdown. The chances of falling back into another recession are...

EUA For Vaccine Given Approval

It is ironic that an EUA for the vaccine was approved by the relevant US authorities. On the day the death toll...

Biden & Harris Named Time Magazine Person Of The Year

The prestigious person of the year award has been awarded to the president and vice president-elect jointly for this year. It was...

Queens Grandaughter Pregnant with Third Child

One of the British Queens granddaughters is pregnant with another child. This was offered by her husband on his show. He is...

Dogs Only Understand Limited Command Words New Study

 Well, folks, a new study shows that dogs really do not understand what you are saying to them. Yes, they do understand...

China Blocks Tripadvisor’s And 100 Others Caught Up

Apps are being knocked out in one of the worlds biggest markets. Although those who have been following the news and events...

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