Thursday, August 13, 2020
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New Foreign Students Will Not Get US Visas If They Take Online-Only Classes

Foreign students who weren’t enrolled in the US universities before March 9th and intend to receive their education online have very slim...

DNA Base GEDmatch Goes Offline After Cops Accessed Its Data Through Major Privacy Breach

GEDmatch, a genealogy database famous for contributing to the capture of Joseph DeAngelo (a serial killer known as Original Night Stalker, East...

Jodi Arias’ Infamous Prosecutor Juan Martinez Finally Disbarred

Juan Martinez, a former prosecutor of the most famous Mormon murderer Jodi Arias, has been deprived of his barrister status by The...

La Mesa Man From Viral Cop Confrontation Video Speaks Up

A troubling video from La Mesa, California, that surfaced this week and quickly went viral, shows a white police officer confronting a...

Georgia Man Fakes COVID-19, Gets Federal Charges

Santwon Antonio Davis, 34, of Morrow, Georgia is accused of causing “unnecessary economic loss to his employer and distress to his coworkers...

Beaten Up Retail Workers Unite On Facebook

As tensions caused by the lockdown fatigue continue to rise, more and more people unleash their frustration on service workers. One of...

Nude Cheerleading Stars Scandal: Coaches Fired From University of Kentucky

After three months of excessive investigation, the University of Kentucky fired its entire team of coaches who used to train one of...

UCLA Doctor Accused Of Sexual Assault Loses License

The Medical Board of California have revoked the medical license of an UCLA cardiologist who was accused of sexually assaulting his colleague...

Eight Or More Hurricanes: This Season Will Be Intense, And Pandemic Can Make Response...

The U.S. Atlantic hurricane season is arriving in two weeks, and the activity this year is expected to be high. 

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