Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Sadistic TikToker “TheCrazyCatLadyFirst” Found Thanks To Internet Sleuths

Internet users have helped to discover the identity of "TheCrazyCatLadyFirst", an online personality known for torturing animals on camera. The woman, who...

Serena Williams Can’t Beat Herself In Viral Video

Almost all global sports events are postponed or canceled for now, but it doesn't break Serena William's spirit. Serena, the winner of...

Chula Vista Police Recreates TikTok Video Of Aquatica Trespassing As A Warning (VIDEO)

Aquatica, a water park in San Diego, has been temporarily closed following the COVID-19 lockdown, which made it an incredibly desirable location...

Facebook Introducing New Dating Service To Europe

It is not every day that a major behemoth comes into town with a major feature. One of the biggest social media...

COVID-19 Doubles Suicide Rates In Queens

Melinda Katz, the Queens District Attorney has released new troubling data on the borough’s suicide rates. The statement submitted on April...

Ariana Grande Teases Instagram On Release Of New Album

When an artist can command 200 million followers on one media platform alone she literally has the whole world in her hands....

Historic WWII Ship SS Jeremiah O’Brien Saved From Massive Fire In San Francisco Warehouse

A huge fire took place in a large warehouse in San Francisco. The accident happened on May 23rd and began at Pier 45 at...

New Zealand Prime Minister Ahead By Wide Margin In Landslide Vote

A most popular vote has taken not only the citizens but the internet by storm. The incumbent party and current prime minister...

The Purge Siren is No More: Louisiana Police Apologize (VIDEO)

A video that went viral on April 6th shows the dark streets of Acadia Parish, Louisiana echoing with sounds of a night...

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