Photo via Tomasz Kordewski on YouTube.

Back in April Grant Williams, a 21-year-old Boston Celtics basketball player began to communicate with local Boston children due to the social project. His group includes 6 boys from the national minorities. The action was planned during the quarantine period, but Grant intends to continue it further.

He was at home in Charlotte, NC during the lockdown. During these times, the young guru began to meet with boys regularly, through video conferencing.. The coaching activities of a basketball player are organized with the participation of an initiative called MENTOR and his own agent.

Williams notes that he has become very good friends with the guys during this time and expects to play bowling with them in real life at the first opportunity after lockdown.

In his work with children, Williams focused on the motivation issues to achieve goals. Starting with the general concepts and education of the spirit, his activities went beyond the topic of basketball. These are children with a difficult fate, and the support of a successful athlete is important for them. Sport star and ordinary boys have already managed to discuss problems at school, divorce of parents, death of relatives, and so on. The children found the support and sympathy they needed. The athlete said that the experience helped not only children, but also him to comprehend a lot that happened in his life. He thanks everyone involved for the opportunity.


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