Photo via Tomasz Kordewski on YouTube.

Back in April Grant Williams, a 21-year-old Boston Celtics prodigy began to mentor six African-American and Hispanic boys from the Boston area. Since then, the social distancing measures have hit, but it didn’t stop Grant’s mission.

While residing in his Charlotte, NC home amid the NBA’s shut down, the young guru has met with the kids at least four times, through video conferencing, reported on May 14th. Williams acts through his agency and an organization called MENTOR.

“They have these ideas of what we’re going to do or funny things that could happen, ” Williams told the Undefeated’s Marc Spears. “They all want to go bowling when I get back to Boston. I will be happy for that day.”

Since the very first meeting with his students, Williams kept reminding the importance of being on time and engaged in their goals. But pretty soon the meeting transformed into a support group that didn’t revolve around basketball only. Among the topics discussed within the group was the death of a family member, the possibility of transferring schools, and parental divorce.

“I’ve learned more about myself,” Williams said. “You don’t remember everything you went through as a 15-year-old. Looking back, being able to share my experiences and looking at them has given me the opportunity to not only help them but help myself by learning more about how I was thinking back then.”


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