Aquatica, a water park in San Diego, has been temporarily closed following the COVID-19 lockdown, which made it an incredibly desirable location for urban explores and other kinds of trespassers. The latest incident involves viral footage that shows just how easy it is to commit a break-in these days.

The video, which was initially posted on TikTok, shows a group of young people climbing over a fence Aquatica’s fence and casually strolling the eerily empty park. The group is carrying skateboards and can be seen during skateboard tricks on colorful water slides including the famous Tassie’s Twister, a 75-foot enclosed tube slide.

The 10News channel reached out to Aquatica’s representatives, who confirmed that several acts of trespassing did take place as of late, and that police know about them.

Before the clip ended up on TV, the audience on TikTok had granted it more than 1 million views. Some of the participants have since been identified and arrested. It is unknown if any of them were minors.

Meanwhile, the Chula Vista Police Department created a reenactment of the now-infamous break-in video, adding some scenes as a form of public warning. Their video shows two officers, wearing face masks, out and about in the city. While one of them constantly tries to climb over fences, explore empty buildings, or use spray paint to draw on the walls, his colleague stops him by explaining that what he wants to do is considered a crime.


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