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Historical news for Colorado. The State has abolished the death penalty. This was achieved after many years of controversy and six official attempts to bring what was started to a result. The state governor signed a law on March 23 that banned the death penalty. Capital punishment is now banned in 22 states.

This served as a salvation for three persons who were to be executed in the near future. Their names are: Nathan Dunlap (41), Sir Mario Owens (30) and Robert Ray (29). Now, their punishment will be changed to life imprisonment without parole. In total, the law saved the lives of 11 criminals in the state.

A press release confirming the abolition of the execution was issued shortly after the decree was signed. Colorado Governor Jared Polis has asked to refrain from mass celebrations for this reason due to the risk of COVID-19.

Note that the number of executions in Colorado has been almost zero in recent decades. The last person executed here was in 1997. It was the rapist and murderer Gary Lee Davis, who had received a fatal injection. Prior to that, the death penalty was also not used since 1977.


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