As Christmas approaches, we are no further down the deadlock. Then we were just after the elections. This situation is unsatisfactory, to say the least. Especially when we have an escalating pandemic. Threatening peoples lives with an equally ever-increasing death rate. Healthcare workers are exhausted and hospitals are stretched. A vaccine program which requires proper funding is also at stake. With a new round of help packages on the sidelines. Vaccine approvals have not passed to date. Concern is mounting the vaccine’s approval is not the only issue. The number of vaccines available is uncertain. For the sake of the population and the country’s economy. Unison on policy must be the most important issue to address. Without it we are a rudderless ship cast adrift in a stormy sea.

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Timothy is the Senior Editor for America Tonight with more than 20 years in media. Curiously enough, he started off within agricultural journalism (he's from Georgia, after all), but soon moved from articles about peaches to something more intense. He attended the University of Central Florida, receiving a bachelor's degree in Social Sciences and minoring in Crime, Law, and Deviance. At first he took a job as a traffic reporter (mostly to conquer his fear of heights, he claims), but after a month of relatively peaceful work was asked to cover a live police car chase. This was a game-changer: by the end of the same year he was leading the newsroom. Tim also loves to promise that he's quitting "next year", moving from New York to New Zealand and becoming a writer, but we don't believe him. He loves us too much.


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