Photo via CBSDFW/Chopper 11.

The Dallas authorities have arrested Esmeralda Lira, 53, and her boyfriend Jose Balderas, 64, for abusing Lira’s very young grandson.

After receiving a tip about child abuse taking place, the police arrived at Lira’s house on Sunday for a welfare check, CBS reported on May 12th. They were allowed inside by reluctant Lira only after threatening to kick down the door. At first, she claimed that her 6-year-old grandson was with his mother, but the unnamed man living on the property led the police to the shed where they discovered the boy with his hands tied behind his back with shoelaces. 

The rescued child shared bone-chilling details of his abuse with forensic experts, describing how he wasn’t allowed to be in the house and was tied up in the shed every night, with rats and insects. He was given nothing but a plastic bag to use as a toilet. His grandmother would regularly beat him up for “being bad” and sprayed him with a hose to clean him up. 

Lira’s boyfriend, Jose Balderas, who lived in the house with her, admitted that he knew about the situation, but did not want to interfere. He said that the boy was being tied and locked up for at least two weeks for “stealing food” after he “got out of school for this corona thing.”

Two other children were living inside the house. They are now placed in CPS custody. 

Lira and Balderas both face felony ​charges ​of endangering ​a child for placing him in ​imminent danger. They are currently being held in the Dallas County Jail. 


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