Photo via CBSDFW/Chopper 11.

The Dallas authorities have been taken under custody Esmeralda Lira, 53 yo, and her cohabitant Jose Balderas, 64 yo, for abusing Lira’s very young grandson.

After noticing a tip about child abuse taking place, the police arrived at Lira’s house on Sunday for a welfare check, CBS reported on May 12th. They were allowed inside by reluctant Lira only after threatening to break into a house forcibly. At first, she claimed that her six-year-old grandson stayed with the mother at the moment. Then the other person living on the property led the police officers to the shed on the backyard. There was a child with hands tied up.

In a subsequent conversation, the forensic experts were shocked by the details of the incident. A relative carried out methodical violence against the boy. He was forbidden to sleep at home, and slept on a leash in a cold shed with rats. A package served as a toilet. There were also systematic beatings and watering of the child with a hose.

The man of the child’s grandmother admitted that he knew about what was happening, but remained indifferent. The reason why the child was tied this time was the theft of food after the start of the school quarantine.

Two more children lived with them, but in the house. As a result, all three were transferred to the guardianship authorities. An elderly couple faces a serious sentence for a criminal offense associated with an incredible risk to human health and life. Today, they are in prison.


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