“Don’t do it!”: Chilling Footage Shows a Man Hanging From a Subway Train in New York City (VIDEO)


The video, posted by Twitter account @progressiveact, shows a passenger riding the New York subway in a very unorthodox way: by hanging outside the car. It’s an elevated train too, making its way above the ground while the man is clinging to a windowpane.

He’s using both hands and appears to be dangling against the side of a subway car. Another passenger, wearing a medical mask, stands in front of him inside, apparently unsure what to do.

There’s a male voice in the background crying out “Don’t do it, hold on, hold on!” — possibly a witness trying to get some sort of help to the hanging man.

It is currently unknown on what line did the accident occur, and the man’s identity is also still a mystery. The New York City Police Department and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority hasn’t commented on the footage.


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