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Video games continue to grow as a huge business. Ask Johan Sundstein a 26 year old Danish gamer. He plays for a team called the OG and has earnings to date of $6.9 million. At this young age he is already a respected member and coach within the gaming community. 

He was the founder and captain of his team the OG which was purchased by Red Bull. They saw the energy drink and gaming as a good fit and decided to get involved. 

There are two ways that money is made with gamers; tournaments and live streaming. Many gamers start out as hobbyists in a gaming cafe or similar without any real expectations that one day they could rate amongst the highest paid athletes in the world. 

The sport has garnered steam in the last few decades, large publishers like EA, Bethesda and Activision continually release bestselling products to a growing market estimated at $196 Billion revenues in 2020. Player participation and spectator interest continue to increase, attracting sponsorships from major corporations and financial backers. With this growth there is plenty of money to be made in the sector. 

Individual tournaments or as part of a team gamers, if they are good at what they do, can attract similar salaries and endorsements to those earned by mainstream athletes. As the sport rises so too does their worth rise as the popularity of e-sports soars. 

 It doesn’t stop there because of the nature of the sport it is resistant in the main to events occurring around the sport like the current lockdown being experienced. As most of the activity is generated online & can be played remotely it is immune to the slowdown experienced by other sectors. 


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