An unpleasant story happened after the death of Kobe Bryant. The other day his widow filed a lawsuit in court demanding compensation for moral damage. The lawsuit mentions that a group of local law enforcement officers behaved unworthily at the crash site. They took pictures of the dead and posting them in the social media. Vanessa Bryant sees this as an invasion of privacy.

She has claims directly against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which publicly disclosed details of the crash shortly after the incident. Recall that Kobe and his eldest daughter died in that crash.

One of the accused MPs subsequently showed the photo to a woman in a bar, and two firefighters took selfies at the crash site. In total, up to 8 people fall under the charges.

Vanessa Bryant claims to have asked the local sheriff to keep all the video and photo materials of the helicopter crash anonymous. In her opinion, this is private information that should not have posted on the Internet. The widow also believes that the people had no legal motivation to take these photos and videos. She expresses particularly strong fears about the fact that sooner or later these materials will be found by her younger daughters.

Not only Kobe and his daughter were killed in the accident. A total of nine people died then. Vanessa and her representatives expect to receive information from the relatives of the other victims regarding the presence or absence of moral damage.


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