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Elon Musk’s conflict with Facebook is getting worse. In a new statement, the inventor sharply criticizes the main people of the popular social network.

Facebook responds with the same complements. After the release of an article about the unclean side of Elon Musk’s activities (published on May 13 this year), one of the leaders of Facebook, Jerome Pesenti, the head of AI development, posted a controversial comment about Musk.

In his commentary, the expert questioned Musk’s competence in the field of AI and said that most of the academic community would support him in his opinion. He criticized Musk’s AGI term and said the technology would not reach this level soon enough to talk about it now. He also tagged the inventor.

Pesenti later clarified that the comment was his personal opinion and that Facebook was not related to it. The post can’t be interpreted as an official Facebook statement. He also clarified that he meant the technology of “general artificial intelligence” (AGI).

AGI is a term proposed by Elon Musk in 2017. The head of Tesla and Space X called the most innovative AI in this way to describe the technology that equals the human brain. Then Musk expressed concern about the perspectives of the AI industry and urged a wide range of people to be on the alert. He has publicly stated that artificial intelligence is dangerous to humans.

Elon Musk answered Jerome Pesenti. He said succinctly, “Facebook sucks.”


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