The decisions to go back into national lockdowns by Europe’s largest countries last night are just the beginning. This follows similar actions in smaller countries as well. It will not be long until others follow. This is because of the admission that local containment efforts have failed. So we are back to draconian measures of restricted movement in many jurisdictions. The rate of increases in the numbers affected by the pandemic is truly horrific. In some countries, they are doubling in a matter of days. This obviously places a strain on health facilities overwhelming their abilities to function as normal. Which places pressure on patients with chronic diseases that have no relation to the pandemic.

The US where similar surges are being should take note. The lessons learned must also be noted. Health facilities have been overwhelmed in some ares. The time for a united front on this issue is upon us.

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Timothy is the Senior Editor for America Tonight with more than 20 years in media. Curiously enough, he started off within agricultural journalism (he's from Georgia, after all), but soon moved from articles about peaches to something more intense. He attended the University of Central Florida, receiving a bachelor's degree in Social Sciences and minoring in Crime, Law, and Deviance. At first he took a job as a traffic reporter (mostly to conquer his fear of heights, he claims), but after a month of relatively peaceful work was asked to cover a live police car chase. This was a game-changer: by the end of the same year he was leading the newsroom. Tim also loves to promise that he's quitting "next year", moving from New York to New Zealand and becoming a writer, but we don't believe him. He loves us too much.


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