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Safe Internet is built on the backs of content moderators, who often sacrifice their mental wellbeing for it. Facebook is no exception.

Eleven thousand current and former moderators for the social media giant will receive at least $1,000 each — with some of them potentially getting up to $50,000 — following the preliminary settlement. As the Verge reported on May 12th, Facebook agreed to pay $52 million total to the staff members who developed mental health problems thanks to their job.

Facebook’s content moderators are responsible for reviewing every single post on the site that has been flagged as inappropriate by the users. Moderators should decide if a particular post needs to be deleted, be it a text, a picture, a video, or audio. They have to sit through the colossal amount of child pornography, animal abuse, real-life murders and tortures, hate speech and other forms of violence. 

This scars nearly every person who has ever taken that job. All 11,000 moderators which Facebook entered the settlement with had developed depression, addictions, suicidal tendencies, and other mental health issues which can also be classified as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. 

The settlement will cover moderators in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas from 2015, reports the Huffington Post. But the final call will be made by the California Court later this year.


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