Photo via NBC.

Unpleasant information became known about one of the funeral homes in New York. The reason for the police visit was the disgusting smell from the premises. As a result of the check, about fifty decaying bodies were found. The incident took place in Brooklyn near the Andrew T. Cleckley funeral home.

One of the deceased was a local resident, Angela Rodriguez. She passed away on March 24 at the age of 77. Her family is outraged by the incident and is going to sue the funeral home. The claim is in preparation. The case will be launched after the quarantine is relaxed and the courts are allowed to work.

The daughter and granddaughter of the late 77-year-old woman guessed that the body had been sent here. After the woman passed away for undisclosed reasons, they approached DeKalb Funeral Services with a request for cremation.

They became aware of the incident. In the end, all they could do was rejoice that fate had told them to bypass this funeral home.

Rodriguez family has already applied to the court for compensation for moral damage. The funeral home is accused of improper handling of human remains and unfair work.


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