Cows Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

As milk consumption and demand falls so too does the price of milk. The scale which has engulfed US dairy farmers is unprecedented. Perishable milk cannot be stored for better days ahead. 

Grocery stores across the Country have set purchase limits with the aim of controlling panic shopping. This along with closures of restaurants and schools has decimated dairy farmers across the country. Over 3000 farms closed in 2019, and it is unknown what is coming for 2020 but it is clearly a dire situation. 

Whilst the Trump administration battles the Coronavirus spread, the farmers in the Country are crying out for assistance to keep their farms open. Even though aid is continually reviewed it simply isn’t enough.  

There are also substitutes in the form of soya, almond, and oat milk. Cows produce milk and the dairy farmers harvest every day. Given the limited timeframe where it needs to be used, the farmers are left with little choice but to simply pour it out into the ground. 

The large dairy farms are run by workers sometimes 60 to 100 workers on a farm, if any of the workers gets the virus then the farm has to be shut for fear of further contamination. This is a tightrope that the farmers must check their workers daily to ensure they can work on the farms. 

Prices have dropped significantly and have been dropping for over 4 years. Recently in late 2019 things were slowly looking up before the virus came and has made the situation practically impossible for the farmers. Without financial support thousands of farms will go under in 2020.  


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