Photo via Find Vanessa Guillen on Facebook.

The search for Vanessa Guillen continues. The soldier of US Army went missing on April 20 being at her base in Texas.

She was last seen in the afternoon at the Hell on Wheels parking lot outside the Ford Hood. The girl was dressed in civilian clothes: a black T-shirt, light purple leggings and black Nike shoes.

In a press release by military police noted that most of the personal things of a private first class remained in the armory. Earlier on the day of the disappearance, she worked there. In the armory they found an identity card, a wallet with money, car and barracks keys.

District law enforcement agencies are asked to be on the alert.

The first report of Vanessa’s disappearance came 4 days later, as the soldier was last seen. Her sister, Myra Gillen, noticed her disappearance first. She wrote then in social networks that the phone of the missing woman was last tracked in Belton (Texas), while her car still was at the military base. Public page related to her missing is presented on Facebook. Relatives and friends don’t give up hope for a miracle.

Vanessa Guillen is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Vanessa Guillen is 4 feet 3 inches tall. She has dark brown eyes and light brown hair. Special features: three tattoos on the left hand, a floral cross, a mountain and a flower. The military police are asking to help anyone who has at least some information about her whereabouts.


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