A horrific video from a security camera of a middle-aged woman trying to drown her son has caused a huge resonance on the Internet. It turned out that the woman’s name is Patricia Ripley. 45 years old, lives in Miami. A few days before the video was published, the police took her into custody because of this incident.

On the recording, a woman walks near the water with her son Alejandro, 9 years old. The video was recorded from a nearby residential complex. Nothing foreshadowed trouble. They calmly walk, the woman touches her son’s hair calmly, and then suddenly pushes him into the water and runs away from the frame. She is clearly seized by panic. Patricia runs and looks back. A few seconds later he returns with a random man who walked nearby.

The man saved the boy, but later the mother still drowned her son elsewhere. It remained behind the scenes. It is noted that the child suffered from autism. He was incapacitated.

His mother also deceived the police and reported the kidnapping. As she said, the boy was kidnapped by two black criminals who extorted drugs, took her car and mobile phone, and fled.

However, his body was found on the morning of May 22 in the Kendale Lakes Canal. The medical examiner confirmed the drowning. The woman immediately confessed to what she had done.

The video of the attempted murder will be the main evidence in the case. There is another video of Patricia Ripley sitting in the car for about 15 minutes before calling the police.


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