Food Photo by John Lambeth on Pixels

Food banks around the Country are buckling under the pressure of demand created by the Coronavirus epidemic engulfing the Country. 

There are numerous challenges from a shortage of volunteers to man the distribution points due to social distancing and fears of spreading the virus to physical supplies being donated as manufacturers face their own sets of challenges resulting in less food being donated. 

As food is getting more scarce and ever more expensive so too are the number of people growing that require assistance in getting food to eat. This is witnessed by 5 mile car lines waiting to receive aid in places like San Antonio, Texas and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

There is a serious danger of acute shortages due to the overwhelming numbers trying to gain access to food that resembles scenes not seen since the Great Depression. Food has always been a difficult issue during scenarios like the one currently being witnessed for the working classes. In 2019 the US Department of Agriculture reported that more than 37 million people over 10% of the US population was facing difficulty obtaining enough food. Children are the most vulnerable with over 11 million children classed as food insecure.  

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos worth over $117 Billion has offered $100,000 to feeding America. Perplexed individuals who are working and risking their lives with little protection during the pandemic consider this an insult. This in turn has focused the spotlight on his operations at Amazon and Whole Foods sparking contempt and complaints about working conditions in his Companies. Amazon workers have joined Instacart and other delivery workers in walkouts. 

As the food banks struggle with the demand questions are being asked as to the handling of this pandemic by the Trump administration. For it seems things are going to get worse before they get better anytime soon. 


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