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Sad news from Ford Motor Co. The company will temporarily close its fourth plant from May 27. This time was closed Chicago Stamping. The order was issued in accordance with the current quarantine guidelines for the prevention of a pandemic situation in the United States.

The shutdown stated as intermittent. Chicago Stamping will be opened as soon as possible in the context of workers’ health safety. Assembly Plants of Kansas City and Chicago closed earlier this month, along with the Dearborn Truck Plant.

The plant shutdown is related to the infected worker. He has been quarantined. Also, the management asked everyone who had contact with this person lately to self-isolate for two weeks at home. The workshop will be disinfected to restart the work quickly. The rest of the employees are temporarily transferred to another part of the plant.

Ford Motors also announced that the main focus was on the safety of employees. Safety protocols are created and implemented with the participation of the UAV and independent epidemiology experts. These standards are the reason why the working area is disinfected, along with the way of moving of the infected employee in the plant.

Ford Motors has not revealed financial losses potentially caused by the shutdowns.


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