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Five people have been arrested in South Carolina after a shooting described as a confrontation between “local organized crime representatives.”

The first reports of gunfire were made on Sunday evening. The location of the accident was at Mr. Joe White Avenue. Policemen patrolled the area nearby, so they responded less than in a minute and detained the first three persons involved in 12 minutes, reports WAVY.

They would later arrest another two gang members involved in the shoot-out, including a teenager.

Two people got gunshot wounds and another one received injuries of a different kind. Police made a commentary, their lives were not in danger and they all received treatment in a hospital nearby.

One of the participants of the incident was Dewan Cole, 18 yo. Currently, he’s a US Navy Sailor. He’ll be directed to  South Carolina in the nearest days. As a result of the incident, he is charged with attempted murder, possession of a weapon during a criminal offense, as well as illegal carrying of a weapon.

Another one’s name is Anthony Deantez Griffin, 17 yo. He got the same misdeeds as the previous one. Quandre Tyson, 20 yo, is accused of all the same counts.

Tristan Jackson, 20 yo, has charges of hooliganism and false information.

All of the above persons are non-local. The investigation determined that they are members of a gang from Chesterfield County, South Carolina. The incident took place due to a feud with a gang from the location where the incident happened. Young people came to the showdown, and it ended in a shooting.

As a result of the incident, two participants in the shootout are hiding. The police are actively looking for them. Unlawful misconduct is the same as for most of the above persons. Their names are Antonio Trayvon Brown Jr., 22, and Dennis Dashon Stewart, 20. The criminals are from South Carolina.

The local police gave a detailed comment on Facebook the next day. They continue to carry out investigative actions and condemn actions that pose a risk to the health and safety of citizens. The police also mentioned that they have all the necessary means to suppress such activities.


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