Photo via Fulton County Sheriff Dept.

Santwon Antonio Davis, 34, from Morrow, Georgia, was sentenced for sham diagnosis of COVID-19. He is charged with causing economic damage to the employer, as well as moral damage to colleagues and their closest relatives.

Mr. Davis forged a medical certificate and sent it to work. He was an employee of an anonymous Fortune 500 company. The letter included a message about the employee’s infection and a mandatory 2-week quarantine.

This is worthy of a federal charge for forging official documents. At some point, the deception was revealed. He confirmed himself guilty. The motivation was the company’s promise to financially support each infected employee during the period of illness.

The deception was revealed by a personnel officer. He drew attention to inconsistencies in dates and the absence of signatures and seals. Personnel officer checked the document at the hospital reminded there and found that Santwon Antonio Davis was not a patient in the hospital. Also, the fraudster refused to show a positive test result at the request of the employer.

Davis’ deception resulted in an unscheduled vacation of 4 more employees, and the company suffered losses in excess of $ 100,000. At the moment, he has been released after paying a $ 15,000 bail sentence.


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