As the election was too close to call and the MSM were projecting the nominee candidate to win it. As a result, they decided to conduct a poll and gauge what the people were feeling. A lot of happy people responded especially from minority ethnic groups and the LBGT community. They appeared overjoyed that the nominee candidate had made it to the highest office in the land. However, there were equally a lot of people who voiced outrage in defence of the incumbent holder of the office. They pointed to what they claim to be obvious fraud happening. It was always going to be like this. It is said that people reflect the society they are in. Consequently, it is plain that the US is split almost down the middle with this decision.

What happens next is something that we will have to wait and see. Such large divisions have materialised into an impasse which is difficult to bridge. The resultant gridlock tends to result in many decisions that remain in constant limbo.

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