Jeffrey Epstein, an infamous celebrity financier, donated almost $9 million to Harvard University in the past. The impressive sum was transferred between 1998 and 2008, but the school admitted that only in September of 2019. It was almost a month after Epstein hung himself in a New York jail cell after being arrested on sex trafficking charges of young children.

Harvard representatives claimed that the university stopped receiving donations from Epstein after his first conviction in 2008.

On May 1st the Harvard officials announced that they have $200,000 from Epstein’s donations left. They adopted new guidelines to review the situation and are now planning to donate this money to organizations working with victims of sex trafficking and sexual assault.

According to WHDH TV, Lawrence ‘Larry’ Bacow, the president of Harvard University made the following statement:

“The report issued today describes principled decision-making but also reveals institutional and individual shortcomings that must be addressed — not only for the sake of the University but also in recognition of the courageous individuals who sought to bring Epstein to justice.”


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