Harvard has officially confirmed facts of donations made by the notorious financier Jeffrey Epstein to them. Admissions continued for 10 years (1998 – 2008), but the university made the fact public only in 2019. In total, $ 9 million was transferred to Harvard accounts.

Why did Harvard University wait so long? The announcement was made due to Epstein’s suicide a month before. We will remind, the celebrity committed suicide in a prison cell in New York. He was imprisoned due to arrest on charges of trafficking young children for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Harvard indicated that all contact with Epstein was stopped immediately after his first conviction in 2008. Today, the university confirms the availability of 200 thousand dollars remained. They decided to send this money to charitable foundations associated with the help of victims of sexual violence and exploitation.

Harvard President Larry Beckow noted that the internal report outlined the principal decisions. There are institutional and individual inaccuracies that need to be addressed for the sake of the university’s reputation and recognition for the contributions of those who succeeded in holding Jeffrey Epstein accountable for his atrocities.


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