Photo via Finnish National Gallery /Petri Virtanen.

Washington’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden became the last place that banned the platform made by Jon Rafman, a digital artist from Canada. The reason was a number of allegations of violence and abuse against women that he made by their words.

A 38-year-old artist is known as one of the most influential personas of contemporary art during the 2010s. His exhibition for HMSG was scheduled to release in October, actually, and it should contain photos from a number of his praised projects, such as The Nine Eyes of Google Street View.

The truth about him was posted first on “Surviving The Art World” Instagram page. It was mentioned in the post about his toxic behavior and strong emotional and sexual abuse activities against a lot of women. The artist is already made a public answer. He said that everything between him and them was by mutual agreement, and he doesn’t know why all of them are angry.

So far, Rafman works have been removed from the galleries such as Montreal’s MAC and Bradley Ertaskiran, German-founded Sprüth Magers, and London’s Seventeen Gallery.


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