So many good things happen in this world which are not covered.  Bad news sells they say and that is a great pity.. A young busker was plying his trade when he had an altercation with a woman. He said that the woman was acting crazy so he told her to go away. That is when she inexplicably picked up his guitar and started smashing it on the ground. As a result, he could no longer busk so set a gofundme page in order to get another one. He told his story and made sufficient to buy one. On arrival to a local guitar shop and that is when he got the surprise.

Being informed told that a celebrity wanted to buy him his next guitar after seeing his appeal. A kind act that left him literally speechless.

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Mary is a pro psychologist who believes that love for a good celebrity drama rules the world. Writing about celebrities is easier when you have a degree in psychology, so Mary is having a blast. She attended The University of Massachusetts Boston, majored in Social Psychology and claims that nothing is more universal for Western society than love. Love for a good update on our favorite star, of course. Mary polished her skills working for Telescope, Music-Aid, The Case and Noted before finally joining our family. Never missing a beat when it comes to serving you the freshest celebrity news, she's alert 24/7. She recently moved to San Francisco because her ultimate goal is to own one of the Painted Ladies houses one day. Knowing Mary it's most likely going to happen.


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