It looks like the Los Angeles Rams are doing badly. The team is known to have fired veteran midfielder Clay Matthews in March this year, but the 33-year-old has yet to receive all of his contract money. This led to a lawsuit from him against the club. If the court upholds Matthews’ demands, Rams will have to pay him over $ 2 million.

On Twitter, users noticed the dialogue between him and another ex-player on the same football team, Todd Gurley. Gurley’s contract was also stopped recently, and apparently, all the contract’s money has not been paid out yet.

Rams general manager Les Snead promises that all debts will be paid in the near future. He refers to a specific clause in the players’ contracts that specifies the time of payout. That is, the former team of football players recognizes the fact that they earned money, but does not plan to pay it immediately.

So far, Matthews and Gurley have not received any money. Matthew’s complaint will be checked by the Association of Players of the National Football League.


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