Photo via Unsplash.

The COVID-19 restrictions may be partly lifted in some states, but large gatherings remain prohibited, and the state of California is no exception. However, a residence in the Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills area hosted a full-blown party on May 16th, which ended unusually.

The Saturday night fun was too loud for the neighbors’ liking, so someone eventually called the police, complaining about the noise. The authorities arrived at 1410 Miller Drive at around 11 p.m., said Los Angeles Police Lt. Mark Chong according to the LA Times. They discovered a crowd of more than 100 people partying at a short-term-rental property.

It is not clear if the officers had a chance to even start dismissing the illegal gathering when they heard a singl gunshot somewhere on the property and called for backup. According to Lt. Chong, a quick investigation revealed that one of the guests, a man, received a gunshot in the groin area, and the wound was apparently self-inflicted by accident.

The man, whose identity is not revealed, was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. The incident is currently under investigation. It is unknown if any of the party guests have been prosecuted.


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