Katie Lehan. Photo via Frederick County Sheriff's Office on Twitter.

Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 37-year-old Middletown resident Thomas Anthony Lehan after discovering the body of his wife who disappeared sometime before.

Her husband was the one to report his spouse get lost on March 23. According to him 34-year-old Katie Lehan went out from their house without car on Sunday afternoon and never came back. She was declared as “Critical missing person”.

Law enforcement spent several days relentlessly looking for Katie with helicopters and search dogs.

Meanwhile, police started to notices wrong details in Thom’s commentaries, which led to naming him a person of interest in Katie’s death. They also searched the house that he and Katie shared, finding evidence that incriminated him further.

Eventually Thomas Lehan provided investigators with woman’s location on March 26. Her body was found a creek bed in a wooded area off the road. The reason of death is currently undetermined.

The husband is now under arrest, charged with 1st degree murder and moved to the jail.


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