A most popular vote has taken not only the citizens but the internet by storm. The incumbent party and current prime minister on current count is winning by a landslide vote. It is so prolific that it is setting figures not seen for a very long time in the country’s elections. She is a very popular lady indeed only that is not the only reason she has achieved what she has. Her quick thinking determined and unwavering stance on the pandemic has brought her much admiration and gratitude by the population. As a result of her actions, her country was one of the earliest to introduce lockdowns. Today can boast of one of the lowest rates of infection in the world.

Although coalition politics is an accepted fact in the country’s electoral system and we need to await the final vote count. It will be some weeks until we find out the final tally to see if she can upend that entrenched system or require her coalition partners to form a Government.


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