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An unnamed American football player filed a lawsuit against United Airlines. The statement refers to a case of harassment and sexual assault by a drunken female traveler on a Newark-Los Angeles domestic flight. The incident took place in February this year.

The woman was sitting in the same row as the footballer. Soon after boarding the plane, she approached him at an unacceptably close distance, touched him under his clothes, including the crotch, and tore off the mask that the athlete was wearing to protect him from the coronavirus.

The victim and the man who was sitting next asked the aircraft crew to do something a several times during the flight. They proposed her to sit down and nothing more. The harassment continued.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday, May 23, in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The lawyers of another passenger are also involved in the case. The footballer and the second passenger are asked for financial compensation from the airline for moral damages. United Airlines offered them vouchers of $ 150 for the company’s services, and this was the final reason to go to the court.

In response, the press service of United Airlines noted that all the necessary actions were taken for such situations. It is noted that the victims are African American, and the guilty passenger is a white woman.


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