As business outlets across the U.S. begin to take risks and open their doors again, the movie theater chain AMC says it will not be back any time soon.

But as much as one would like to believe that the company is taking COVID-19 precautions, the reality is different. According to the statement from last week, the AMC Theaters officials say that they don’t see the point in reopening until Hollywood officially releases new products. 

“As we plan our reopening, the health and safety of our guests and associates is our absolute highest priority. To be able to open, we also need a line of sight into a regular schedule of new theatrical blockbusters that get people truly excited about returning to their favorite movie theaters. Those blockbusters are scheduled to return this summer, beginning with Warner Brothers’ Tenet and Disney’s Mulan, with many more major titles scheduled immediately thereafter,” the statement reads according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“While we expect to open our theaters in the weeks ahead of these new blockbusters, utilizing creative programming of immensely popular previously released films, we would be wise to do so only directly in advance of the release of major new movie titles.”

“AMC is currently working through every detail required to successfully showcase these exciting new releases in an environment that’s safe and welcoming for moviegoers, and we will share those details as we get closer to the dates when our theaters will reopen.”

The chain has 630 cinemas all over the U.S. After the national lockdown it closed all of them and furloughed 25,000 staff members. 

Back at the beginning of April, the AMC Entertainment chief executive Adam Aron claimed that the theaters would most probably reopen mid-June. Nevertheless, many experts suspect that the company might file for bankruptcy.

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