Photo via Clint Poore on YouTube.

After 3 mth of excessive work with the facts, the University of Kentucky decided to fire a number of highly qualified and renowned cheerleader trainers from the institution.

The problem is the loss of control over the educational process. Hazing, drunkenness, and public nudity flourish in the student body. The head coach of the team and his three assistants were fired.

The investigation began following disturbing information from the gathering of the Kentucky Lake camp last summer. There was a lot of inappropriate activities among the students. Observers noted obscene appearances, chanting, drunkenness, and dangerous games. Several students got so drunk that urgent medical attention was needed.

The fault of the coaches was inaction. They saw everything and did not prevent the atrocities. T. Lynn Williamson, Kentucky’s Deputy General Counsel, was suspended shortly after the start of the investigation for lack of involvement.

The investigation received versions and comments from more than 60 participants in the events. They were students, coaches, and the camp administration. All of the above has been confirmed and, fortunately, no cases of sexual violence or any serious misconduct in this sense have been identified.

The position of the educational institution is that the coaches supposed to be the strongholds of order, but turned out to be too passive. Their actions led to a number of situations that risked the reputation, health, and even life of students. The University of Kentucky does not approve of this.

Note that the University of Kentucky’s cheerleading traditions are known throughout the United States. They have won over 20 prestigious national awards in their 35 existence. This is one of the best results in the United States. Today the team is looking for a new coach and continues their trainings.


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