Sunday, October 25, 2020

Mike J. Isaacson
Business Reporter

Mike writes about business and found of Plato’s work
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Herbert B. Allen
Daily Reporter

Herbert is our all-knowing media planner and social issues reporter
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Theresa K. Bland
Viral Journalist

Theresa keeps an eye on everything that captivates the Internet today
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Mary R. Wilson
Celeb Stringer

Mary is a pro psychologist who work in a celebrity drama niche
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Timothy T. Jeffers
Senior Editor

Timothy is the Chief Editor for AT with more than 20 years in media
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Celeb news

Jack White Buys A Busker A New Guitar After His Got...

So many good things happen in this world which are not covered.  Bad news sells they say and that is a great...

Ariana Grande Teases Instagram On Release Of New Album

When an artist can command 200 million followers on one media platform alone she literally has the whole world in her hands....

Christopher Cross Tells Story Of How Virus Paralyzed Him

In his view he is not a big celebrity only millions of his fan base all over the world will disagree with...

Demi Lovato Message To President ‘Commander In Chief’

One celebrity feels very strongly about social injustice issues. Her wish is that she could have an audience with the president to...

The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex Join Teenagers on World Mental...

World mental health day hosted by a group of young people to discuss the debilitating effects negative actions have. Invited to join...


Technology To The Rescue For Fashion Designs.

In the world of the creative fashion designer adaptability and innovation are not new. They are influencers, social introducers and creative innovators....

A Flight To The Same Destination

It never ceases to amaze what lengths people can go to. People are apparently missing flying so much that a destination to...

Banks Based In London Inform Some Staff To Locate To Europe

Banks in London are informing members of their staff complement in certain departments to locate to Europe. These include Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan who...

Plastic Bottles Get Eaten Faster By ‘New Enzyme’ Creation

We appear to have solved the very vexing issue. Regarding the pollution of our seas, beaches and bays from the menace...

Elon Musk Will Never Take Vaccine

The controversy regarding the 3rd richest man in the world Elon Musk continues. He has previously stated he would not take any...

On American Minds This Week

American minds this last week were focused on mainly three topics.  That of the new Supreme Court nomination. The legitimacy of the...

Tax Returns For Trump Throw Light On ‘Why He Ran’

The New York Times expose on Trumps Taxes threaten to undermine his commitment to serve the country as opposed to seeking to further his...

Hirshhorn Museum Halts Jon Rafman Exhibition Amidst Sexual Abuse Allegations

Washington’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden became the last place that banned the platform made by Jon Rafman, a digital artist from...

New Foreign Students Will Not Get US Visas If They Take Online-Only Classes

Foreign students who weren’t enrolled in the US universities before March 9th and intend to receive their education online have very slim...