32-year-old ex-high school teacher Mike Ryan Lua was sentenced to 27 years (12 years in prison and 15 years of subsequent probation). The decision was taken by Escambia District Judge Thomas Dannheisser on May 20.

A former school teacher charged with several strong sex crimes. He asked the court for castration as a punishment with the opportunity to raise his own daughter these years, but the Themis remained adamant.

In addition to 27 years of direct sentence, Mike Ryan Lua ended up in the database for life as a sex offender.

In the fall of 2019, he confirmed his guilty to promoting sexual behavior and sexual acts with teens.

The investigation began in January 2019. The subject of the charges was the man’s activity on social networks. Posing as an adult woman, he begged the student for a video of intimate content. This was followed by an arrest. Then, during the investigation police discover some other facts that Mike Ryan Lua raped teenagers at his own home. The evidence was messages of a sexual nature, provided by the one of the victims to police.

The criminal has a wife who did not know about his activities. Mike Ryan Lua was worked in Washington High School.


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